Hells Canyon Adventures

Choosing a Hells Canyon Adventure in the south entrance saves you time, money, and will allow you to see the best of Hells Canyon – Idaho / Oregon.

Hells Canyon Adventures is the only company that provides a variety of jet boat tours, raft adventures, fishing charters, and shuttle services into the heart of Hells Canyon / Wild River Section.

The Wild River Section is where you find the largest rapids, where the canyon is at its deepest elevations, and the scenery transitions from rock walls at the bottom, to high dessert grasslands in the middle, to alpine forests at the top.

NEW FOR 2016Multi-day packages available

There are three ways to access Hells Canyon – (1) South Entrance, Hells Canyon Dam (2) Pittsburgh Landing (3) Lewiston/Clarkston. The south entrance offers so much more than just access into Hells Canyon.

Only in the south entrance:

  • You will travel along the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway.
  • There is great tent and full service RV camping available on the Hells Canyon Snake River Reservoirs – Wood Head Park, McCormick Park, Copperfield Park, and Hells Canyon Park. These parks are well maintained, not crowded, and have great day use areas, fantastic for picnics.
  • HCA has operated on the Wild River Section for 45 years. HCA has shown the other operators that it is possible to safely operate in the Wild River Section.
  • Our captains will never jeopardize your safety for a “Disneyland Thrill Ride” experience.
  • Our staff is available to assist you with your travel plans. Call 800-422-3568!

Easy access from Oregon or Idaho to the South Entrance of Hells Canyon: (1) Highway 71 from Cambridge, Idaho (2) Highway 86 from Baker City, Oregon (3) USFS Road #39 from Wallowa Lake/​Joseph, Oregon. All roads lead to the famed “Devils Tail,” the last 22 miles from Oxbow to the Hells Canyon Dam. Drive slow and enjoy the scenery — drive fast and join the scenery. All roads are paved.

The South Entrance of Hells Canyon is a remote location. We want you to enjoy all that a remote location has to offer so come prepared. Have a full tank of gas, have a cooler full of snacks and drinks, and be prepared to turn off your phone because the cell phone service is spotty.