Company Profile

Hells Canyon Adventures' mission is to strengthen our position as the outfitter of choice by providing a variety of services that will exceed our customer’s expectations.

v   Hells Canyon Adventures has been in business since 1973. It has always operated as a small family business dedicated to providing the public with access to Hells Canyon. 

v   Hells Canyon Adventures is a pioneering company that has been running the south end of the scenic and wild Snake River daily since 1981. This river section takes in all of the largest rapids in Hells Canyon. Our company averages over 300 trips per year in the scenic and wild section of the Snake River of Hells Canyon.  

v   Hells Canyon Adventures is the only jet boat company starting its tours in the “heart” (south end and deepest part) of Hells Canyon. The other companies are navigating to this section, we live here.

v  Hells Canyon Adventures is located on the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway which is one of America's premier scenic routes.

v  Hells Canyon Adventures does NOT offer “one size fits all” tours. We offer tours that will accommodate grandma, the baby and everyone in between. 

v  Hells Canyon Adventures offers fresh lunches (lunch served on all day and overnight tour) prepared daily by our kitchen staff. The Kitchen Crew takes pride in providing meals that are delicious and nutritious.

v  Hells Canyon Adventures has an excellent safety record. Our captains are well trained and have an average of ten years of experience navigating the Snake River in Hells Canyon. 

v  All tours are fully narrated covering geological, historical, and Native American information. We try to provide insight into the joys and hardships of daily living in the rugged Hells Canyon and leave you with a sense of awe.



Hells Canyon Adventures
P.O. Box 159 Oxbow, Oregon 97840


541 785-3352 / Fax: 541 785-3353
1-800-HCA-FLOT (422-3568)