Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your trips start? 

One mile below Hells Canyon Dam on the Oregon side of the river. You must cross over the top of the dam to get to the launch site. Yes, it is a paved road the whole way!

What is the difference between the North and South end of Hells Canyon? 

If you start at the South end of the canyon which is the deepest part of Hells Canyon you will see sheer rock walls and major white water rapids instantly. If you travel from the North end of the canyon which starts in the Lewiston/Clarkston area, you will spend most of your day in wide open spaces on calm water.

What services are available in the Canyon? 

One restaurant and one fuel station/convenient store, located on Highway 86, 2 miles from Oxbow, Oregon. Plan accordingly.

What should I wear? 

  • River sandals or tennis shoes with ankle support
  • Layers in the Spring and Fall months (Nylon or Fleece)
  • Swimming Suit in the Summer months
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen


What should I bring? 

Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a towel. Cameras, video cameras, and binoculars are welcome. Your personal belongings can be put under the seat cushion on the boat. However, Hells Canyon Adventures is not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged property. 

Can we bring alcohol on the tour? 

Yes! Only bring beer or wine coolers in moderate amounts, limited room available. Hells Canyon Adventures reserves the right to dispose of any and all alcohol if it is felt in the best interest of the majority of the passengers on board.

Can pets come on the tours?  No!

Will we see any wildlife?

There is wildlife in the canyon such as deer, sheep and bear, and we often see them, but we can't guarantee that you'll see them on a particular day.

Do we get wet? 

There is always a possibility of getting wet, so wear something light weight that will dry quickly. There is room to store items that you want to keep dry. 

Are There Opportunities For People With Disabilities?

Yes! Call and let us know when you are coming and we will plan accordingly. There is handicap parking available at the Hells Canyon Creek Launch and Visitor Center.

Is there a restroom on the boat? 

No! There is a restroom at the launch site. There are also restrooms available at the Kirkwood Historical Ranch if you go on the all day tour. We provide restroom stops every 3 hours.

Do you cancel if it rains? 

No! We go rain or shine. It seldom rains all day during the summer months but our boat is covered and we have see through side curtains that can be put down if necessary.

Can we smoke on the boat?  No!

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