Kirkwood – Jet Boat

You will experience the Wild River Section of the Snake River in Hells Canyon on the Kirkwood Jet Boat Adventure. The Wild River Section is where you find the largest rapids, where the canyon is at its deepest elevations, and the scenery transitions from rock walls at the bottom, to high dessert grasslands in the middle, to alpine forests at the top. Our Captains will entertain you with stories about early Native Americans and ranching families that called Hells Canyon home. Animal sightings are always an added bonus.

Your Captain will serve you lunch on the river. Your lunch will be served family style with a large variety of fresh foods that meet most dietary needs.

Swim stops included in July and August, come prepared. Bring your camera and a good pair of shoes, we do not swim for flip flops! This 54 mile (round trip) adventure begins boarding the boat at 10:00 AM PACIFIC TIME at the Hells Canyon Creek Visitor Center and returns between 3:00-4:00 PM. This adventure is based on mileage covered not time. Cost per adult is $180 and children 5 to 11 is $90.

If you are booking within 48 hours of departure please call our office for availability, 800-422-3568 or 208-257-4564. Our website may not reflect what we have available.